Welcome to The Therapy Website! Here you can get updates on the latest trends on fashion and new products hitting the market. We can provide sound experienced advice about the what to buys and what to stay away from! We are based along the whole of the south england coast and have between us over 20 salons. Each salon is armed with years of experience and now we want to bring it to you!

beauty-saloon-569111_1280There are hundreds of salons across the whole of England but finding the right one is tricky. Some specialise in nails, some in hair and makeup, and others do an overall bit of everything. Ideally you want to be going to the specialist salons, here the people work day in day out improving their techniques and making sure every customer is satisfied. What a lot of people shy away from is doing it themselves, when you can do it yourselfs it not only allows you to do it better, but also equips you with a knowledgeable insight into what service you should be receiving when you go to a salon.

If you are after waxing truro or in the cornwall area, we have recently made contacts with a new shop opening up who deliver expert service. If you get in touch with us we can find local professional salons in your local area, which hopefully will meet your needs. Just head over to our Contact Us page and leave a message.