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Welcome to The Therapy Website.    
If this is your first time here, I would like to welcome you and invite you to explore - you can find out more about the concept in About the Website.  
Within the site are explanations about various forms of therapy, areas of concern and articles on related topics. My hope is that you will find all the information I`ve included reasonably accessible and the website as a whole easily navigable. Please email me if you find it otherwise.
As well as the basic theory, you`ll find some self-help information in the Psychotherapy & Counselling section, which may be all that you`re looking for. You will find some other types of help in Support - just places to go that might be nice to visit sometimes, if you`re feeling that way out.
Information about participating in therapy is in Psychotherapy & Counselling, along with how to access it, if you feel this is what you`d like to do next. And, there`s some fun stuff and humour here too - at least, some sense of it.
I have tried to include something here for everyone - free online relaxation sessions, self-help leaflets, theoretical articles, destress stuff, video presentations and much more. I also hope that the site will appeal to the professional and the personal visitor alike. Please feel free to explore it fully.
Like all things, the website has the potential to grow - and I hope I have the motivation and commitment to keep adding to it. So do keep popping back and checking it out for new stuff.
Enjoy your time here......